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Aviation and Space Reinsurance

AG has the experience, expertise, and networks to place all forms of proportional and non-proportional reinsurance for Aerospace. Our Aerospace reinsurance programmes can be constructed seamlessly to insure all aspects of aviation including airlines, products and general aviation, on a conventional excess of loss, quota share, and surplus reinsurance treaties but also on an Industry Loss Warranty basis, and both facultative and aggregate XL stop loss covers.

With regard to satellites, AG can provide coverage from the time they leave the manufacturer’s facilities until the end of their life in orbit.

AG can arrange specialist covers such as launch vehicle flight only, facultative reinsurance for peak values and accumulation issues specifically for the satellite account and also Lloyd’s Realistic Disaster Scenario covers, including ‘Space Storm’, ‘Generic Defect’, and ‘Aviation Collision’ as well as tailored and bespoke products designed for clients seeking a specific reinsurance solution.


Commercial Aviation Insurances

As well as Aerospace reinsurance, AG can also arrange Commercial Aviation Hull All Risks which protects the operator against the risk of physical loss or damage to their aircraft, both on the ground and while in flight. Aircraft Liability covers bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence which arises out of the operation or use of the operator’s aircraft. Aviation Hull War Risks affords cover against the acts of war and malicious damage that are typically excluded from ‘all risks’ insurance programmes. Premises, Products, and Hangar Keepers’ Liability affords broad third-party protection for suppliers of facilities and components to the aviation industry.


Definitions of space cover available:

Satellite launch and in-orbit insurance provides coverage for loss, damage, or failure of satellites during their launch, in-orbit testing and in-orbit operation. In addition, specific policies can be arranged to cover different stages of the operation, for different interested parties. The launch risk guarantee package is for launch vehicle service providers and covers underperformance of the launch vehicle. Satellite Launch Vehicle Flight Only Insurance provides the title-holder of the satellite during the launch phase with cover against the underperformance of the launch vehicle up until separation of the satellite. Separate satellite In-Orbit Insurance policies cover loss, damage or failure of the satellite after it has obtained orbit.

This insurance grants coverage against loss, damage or failure of the satellite after it has separated from the launch vehicle. This product is designed to eliminate any gap in coverage, in conjunction with policies that cover the launch phase.

This product covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties as a result of launches and in-orbit activities.

This insurance provides cover against physical loss of, or damage to, satellites during transportation from the manufacturer’s facilities to the launch site, as well as the integration of the satellite with the launch vehicle. Typically, coverage terminates at ‘lift off’ or ‘intentional ignition’.  Satellite assembly, integration and testing may be included in the policy.

This reinsurance product is offered to underwriters of all types of individual space risks.