For more information about AG’s client-centric approach to claims, contact:

Richard Gospage

Jonathan Buckle


AG recognises that its service is ultimately only as good as its ability to collect and settle claims. AG’s Claims team has a wealth of experience and is well-equipped with a detailed  knowledge and understanding of each of our diverse product lines. In addition, by having access to an extensive panel of specialist global expertise, AG is able to  handle and arrange settlement of losses sustained by our clients in an efficient and comprehensive manner. This is our primary goal: achieving a timely resolution for our clients.

The Claims team at AG plays an integral role in the risk placing process when markets are being selected, and is instrumental in the process of drafting contract wordings.  The advantage for our clients is that we maintain complete control over the claims collection process, from inception to final payment, with all functions being performed in-house.  AG clients are rewarded with the assurance of knowing that they can rely on a team of professionals who are dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for them.

The AG Claims team has a broad range of experience in negotiating claims collection from all markets, including:

  • Hull Damage and Particular Average
  • Piracy
  • Cargo and shortage claims
  • General Average and salvage
  • Terminal operators
  • Political risk
  • Satellite
  • Property and reinsurance