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Cyber risk is now a threat to every business, large and small. A range of solutions is available, many of which include valuable risk mitigation and management services. AG works closely with our clients to determine their specific cyber risk profile, and finds appropriate products to provide defence and protection. Our cyber solutions include comprehensive risk assessment, consulting and management. Coverage can be arranged to indemnify cyber-triggered financial losses arising from:

  • Systems repair and restoration
  • Reputational damage
  • Business interruption
  • Property damage
  • Third party liability
  • Social engineering
  • Bodily injury
  • Cyber terrorism

Understanding the cyber insurance market

Due to the evolving nature of the cyber threat, AG is continuously developing our expertise on cyber issues.  Recently, we met with some of the top players in the industry to ask them about all things cyber and to discuss the challenges facing the industry. Cyber is recognized by GCHQ as a Tier 1 threat, alongside terrorism, war, and natural disasters. Terms such as “cyber security”, “cyber insurance”, “cyber-attacks”, “hacking” and “ransomware” appear in the news almost daily, but what does it all mean for businesses looking to protect themselves? What does the market look like today? Where is it heading? Who is at risk?

Find out in our latest paper highlighting the findings from our research and our recommendations for this sector.